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Because everyone should have access to basic medical care and assistance

About Us

Healers without Boundaries is founded with a vision to provide specialised medical care free of cost to people who can’t afford it or access it. This could be across all kinds of medical specializations, all ages and for both mind and body – physiology, psychology/psychiatry, adult/pediatrics.


This will tell you what inspired us to created this project


We plan to begin with medical consultations – anyone needing a primary or preferably a secondary opinion on significant/serious medical conditions. Our panel of expert doctors will analyse, discuss with them over email and then send our recommendations.

How can we help you?


Telephonic Support

Consultations via telephone when physical consultations are not possible

Email Follow Ups

Patients may keep in contact with medical care practitioners.

Free Treatment

We are looking into the possibility to offer free treatment where possible.

Contact Us

Would you like to find out more information on Healers Without Boundaries? Or are you a medical doctor and would like to volunteer your services to our project? Do get in touch by filling in your details below.

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Or contact us by sending your queries along with the medical history and documentation via email to request@healerswithoutboundaries.org