Expanding Your Client Base: Utilize WhatsApp Business

WhatsApp Business is a powerful tool for connecting with potential clients and converting them into customers.


Here are five ways to gain clients via WhatsApp Business:



  1. Download WhatsApp for Business and Create a Professional Profile:

    • Visit the Android or IOS APP store, search for WhatsApp Business and download it to your smart phone. You can also convert WhatsApp to WhatsApp Business – however you will not be-able to revert back to the WhatsApp app. 
    • Set up a professional and complete WhatsApp Business profile. Use a clear profile picture of your business logo and provide accurate contact information, including your business hours, address, and website URL.
  2. Use Broadcast Lists:

    • Create broadcast lists to send updates, promotions, and valuable content to multiple clients simultaneously. Personalize your messages to make them feel more targeted and relevant. Remember you can only send broadcasts to people who have saved your contact to their phone… So make sure to engage with clients and potential clients such that they feel prompted to save your contact and receive updates from you. 
  3. Respond Quickly and Efficiently:

    • Clients appreciate prompt responses. Use the “Quick Replies” feature in WhatsApp Business to save and reuse frequently asked questions and responses. This helps streamline communication and provide quick answers to common queries.
  4. Run Promotions and Offers:

    • Use WhatsApp to promote special deals, discounts, and limited-time offers to your clients. You can create a sense of exclusivity by sharing these offers via WhatsApp, and clients may be more inclined to take action if they feel they are getting a unique benefit. You can also make use of the ADS feature, boosting or creating ADS on Facebook or Instagram, which leads clients or prospective clients to message you on WhatsApp. This human to human interaction is a great way for new clients to engage with you and form a sense of trust to your business. 
  5. Make use of the exclusive BUSINESS TOOLS
    WhatsApp for Business allows users access to Business Tools. Here you can add a catalogue for clients or customers to see your products or services and order directly from you. 

Remember to always obtain proper consent before adding anyone to your WhatsApp contact list or groups. Unsolicited messages can be seen as spam and may result in users blocking your business. Additionally, respect clients’ privacy and preferences by allowing them to opt-out of communications if they wish.


Building strong relationships and trust with clients on WhatsApp Business is essential for long-term success. Provide excellent customer service, be responsive, and offer value through your messages to create a positive client experience and encourage them to choose your products or services.